As we know, a printer is the very essential device. All types of documents you can print as a genuine format. Many brands of printers are available in the market. One of them is a canon printer. Canon printer is famous for printing quality with prior inbuilt. It is a technical device then an error is common. One of the common errors of the Canon printer is canon error b200.


Solutions to fix Canon error b200:-

Here are many solutions to fix Canon error b200. Follow the below-given steps to fix this issue:

1.Remove the doubtful cartridge:-

 If you use problematic cartridges then it can cause the issue canon error b200. So, one of the simple ways to resolve this issue is to replace this doubtful cartridge. When you replace the cartridge then check your printer is working properly.


2. Remove and clear your printhead:-

 Due to printhead, Canon error b200 occurs. The best way is to remove your printhead and clean it to fix this issue.

Once, you clean your printhead then assure that it is completely dry before putting it back in the printer.


3. Reset printhead:-

One of the best ways to resolve canon error b200 is to reset your printhead. Once, you reset your printhead, turn off your printer and leave it turned off for a while.

After that, turned on your printer and check issue is resolved now.


4. Check for hindrance:-

 It may also possible that there is a hindrance that causes a problem to your canon printer. For fixing this issue, you should power off your printer, remove the paper and check for any hindrance.

If you find any hindrance then remove it and turned on the printer to check your problem is resolved.


5. Open print cover:-

 It is a general solution to resolve this error. At first, turn off your printer and then open the print cover. Now, turn on the printer and cartridge will start to move left.

Close down the print cover before cartridge reaches the left side and leave the printer turned on. But, assure with one thing when cartridge passes the halfway of the left side then close down the print cover.

After doing this setting, check to see the printer works normally.


6. Change the tank holder:-

 By changing the tank holder you can simply resolve your printer problem. Buy a new tank holder and replace your current tank holder which you use.

For changing the tank holder, check the instruction manual for more instructions.


7. Hold the power and copy buttons:-

 Simply press and hold the power and buttons simultaneously for a while. After performing this action, you should start your printer and perform a nozzle check, deep cleaning, and printer alignment.


8. Unplug your printer:-

 You can also try this method, simply unplug your printer and plugin back to check printer works properly now.


Advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve canon error b200:-

For advanced troubleshooting steps, you need to enable an internet connection on Windows PC for logging in as administrator. Go with the below-given steps:

  • At first, download and update the printer driver form the canon printer’s official website.
  • Now, tap on the start button, find devices and printers.
  • Once, you find then tap on it to open.
  • Right-click on canon printer icons that are under the control panel and select properties.
  • Opt for maintenance and then tap on deep cleaning.
  • Now, perform a nozzle check when deep print head cleaning is complete.


If you are not able to fix the issue using above methods, then call on the toll-free number of customer care. They are available 24*7 to assist you with a team of technical experts. They will provide you remote assistance and solve your issue within minutes.


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