Roku is a streaming device that is developed to stream videos, music and TV shows from anywhere. In the Roku device, there are many free channels and subscription channels. In the Roku device, first of all, you have to be download the media content before start streaming and then it can be viewed. You can also run Roku by using the software on any other device. Roku software runs on a Linux based operating system which is called Roku OS.

By using Roku, you can execute the latest version of software. One more thing, the Roku device automatically looks for any available update. When any updates are available, it will be automatically downloaded and installed without affecting the active Roku device and also you can do it manually. By updating the software it will fix all type of error, security, and new user interface, the addition of features.

Roku sends the update for a different type of models for a different stage in a regular manner. For updating the software of the Roku device you have to need of high internet connection.  In case, if your device lost internet connection then your software update will not be completed successfully and you will get the Roku error code 003. What will be the reason for the error, it will show as error code on the bottom of the message. In case, you get the error repeatedly, then it may be the system or network error, it may be possible that the Roku server is temporarily unavailable. So, you need to wait for a few minutes and try again.

Here are the many ways to fix the Roku error code 003


  1. By checking Roku server status:-
  • First of all, make sure that your internet connection works properly or not, if not then fix the issue.
  • Connect with the correct wireless internet network username and password, if you have doubts then first confirm it.
  • The Wireless network name is “SSID” and the password is either “WEP” or “WPA”.
  • Maintain the router and Roku within proximity of one another. And there should be a proper internet signal connected between the Roku device and Router.


       2. Changing Network Security Protocol:

As we see, in many cases where Roku refused to connect or update just because of the type protocol used in the network. So you can check and change your network’s security settings.

  • Open your router’s setting then open its settings IP address. Now you can find this address at the back of the router or it may be present in its documentation. It is something like “”.
  • After that, check the settings, navigate to wireless or security and also make sure that the security mode not set as AES in any way. It can be WPAK2-PSK (TKIP).
  • After checking the security, now check the new settings and try to connect your Roku to the network, check if the issues are solved.


     3. By using Wireless and Ethernet:

  • Some Roku devices are capable of connecting with the Ethernet.
  • Now, connect your Roku to the modem by Ethernet cable because it gives you a more reliable connection.

If you are connecting at first time your Roku device to the internet network then you have to follow the network process correctly.


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