Simply Roku Remote provides you to watch paid and free video content on your TV via the internet. TV and movie streaming services Hulu Sling TV, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and others download on the Roku devices. Roku box is the simple way to stream video to your TV. Roku is a small category device for your TV used to watch TV show and movies through App.

Roku provides the seven streaming devices. There are five set top streaming box, the Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Premire, Express plus and Roku premiere then there two devices the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Streaming Stick plus.

How Roku work

Roku plugs into your Television using a HDMI cable, connected from your TV to Roku device. Roku connects to the internet via a WiFi or Wired connection to your home network. Roku works by downloading video from the internet, you then watch on your TV.

How to fix Roku Remote not working

There are many users use Roku Remote in your home and they report that their Roku Remote not working then they want to fix this problem. They can follow these steps to solve this problem.

Check your Roku Remote Batteries

First, you will check your Roku Remote battery because dead or weak battery can create this problem. Remove the batteries and put the batteries once again. if your Roku remote is still unresponsive then replace the batteries and try again.  

Restart your Roku device and Remote

  • First, remove the power cable from your Roku device. wait few second and re-connect the power cable again.
  • Go to the setting option in your Roku device.
  • when the setting will open then select the System option.
  • Under the System option, select the System restart button.
  • Then, choose the restart button and click on it.

by the use these steps you can Restart your Roku device and fix Roku remote not working issue.

Repair the Roku Remote

  • First, battery component part will open then remove the batteries from your remote.
  • After this, remove the power cable connection from your Roku device, wait few second and re-connect the power cable connection.
  • When your Roku device displays the home screen then reinsert the batteries in your Roku remote.
  • Now, press and Hold the pairing button inside the battery compartment of your remote for few second and you will check the pairing light on the remote being to flash. if the light does not flash then try again. if the light still does not flash then you want to replace your Roku remote batteries.
  • Wait few second, and check that your Roku remote has connected with your Roku device.
  • The remote pairing dialog should appear on your TV screen.

By the use these step you can Repair your Roku remote and fix Roku Remote not working issue.

Install a HDMI extension cable

  • When you are using Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Streaming stick + that can be connect direct to an HDMI port on your TV. WiFi interface from the HDMI connector may effect the performance your Roku remote.

Check your network connection

Depending on whether you what type of Roku Streaming or Roku player you have. Your Roku device will have at least one network connection.

Roku player have both wired and WiFi option on it but the Roku streaming Stick have only WiFi network connection.

At this stage, if your Roku remote is not working then you may have to download the app of check setting.

  • First, on your Roku menu, click on the setting option and tap OK button on the App.
  • Select the network and click on it.
  • And then, click on About option. Go to the right side of the screen, you see a Status and check that this Status is connect then you will get that your problem are not related to your network.

Replace the Roku remote

  • If any method are not solving your issue then the final option is you can replace your Roku remote.
  • Before making a purchase, you will check the list of compatible products for your Roku device.
  • By the use these method you can fix your Roku Remote not working issue.

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