If you are unable to sign in to your account, then the Google Account Recovery page provides. All you need to do is answer the questions as you can.

Here is the Process How to Recover Hacked Gmail Account

The account recovery page is useful if:

  • Someone has changed your email information
  • Someone has removed your account

How to Recover Gmail Account

Do not try to leave the question. If you are unsure about a reply, instead of going to any other question, make your best guess.

Here are some tips Google has provided so that you can regain your account:

• Use a computer, phone or tablet where you often sign in

• Use the same browser that you usually do

• Stay in the place where you usually sign in at home or at work

Securing Your Recover Hacked Gmail Account:

Two factor authentications are enabled when you come back to your email account. Each time you access your account after entering your password, you will receive a PIN code on your mobile phone. After this you have to enter it to access your account. This keeps the hacker out of your account, unless they have access to your mobile phone, which is impossible in most cases.

Recover Hacked Gmail Account, Change your password too:

· The longer password will be better. The more characters in your password, the hacker will take more time to break it, which is less likely that they will continue to try.

· Use a combination of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters and special characters as it increases the complexity of your password and increases its strength.

· Do not use actual words in your password. The majority of hacking attacks through dictionary words, which means that if you use a real term in your password, then it is more likely to break.

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