With Google offering almost every service on the internet, it has become almost impossible to avoid Goggle in our day to day life. Almost every user of the internet uses Google every day. Google Chrome has emerged as one of the most efficient and convenient browsers. It happens very often when we are using chrome to surf the internet and because of some unexpected and unavoidable reasons we are exempted from the Google Chrome browser. When we come back we don’t find any means to restore from the point where we had just left.

So, we have got the perfect solution if you suffered from the same issue. Here are some things which you can do to restore the last session chrome. Given below are some solutions for you to restore the last session chrome:

1. The First approach is quite simple where you can restore last session chrome You have to simply:

  • Open the Google Chrome
  • Click on the three-dotted icon often called the Menu icon or utility icon.
  • Navigate to history and Click on it.
  • There you will find the option saying Recently closed Tabs.
  • Click on any of those tabs which you find you were browsing during your last search.


2. The second approach is for those who face this issue frequently and, in this case, they can customize their browser in such a way that they will automatically restore the last session chrome. Follow these steps for doing so:

  • Open Chrome on your device
  • Click on the Menu
  • Select Settings from the list so appeared.
  • Go to on startup pages.
  • Click on the option saying Continue where you left off. 


3. If you want further convenience to chrome to restore the last session, you can install a chrome extension called Session Buddy. After that, every such issue will be resolved automatically.

4.  And if any of the given solutions don’t work for you can try reinstalling your Google Chrome on your device. This will erase every data associated to chrome on your device and reinstalling it will set everything to default. After that, all the given solutions will work fine for you.

Going with the first option will help you to chrome restore your last session. This will require you to restore the last session manually every time you face this issue. It may also seem worthy based on your requirements. While the second option is for those who want to make it as default that their PC will restore the last session Google chrome automatically. Both options are good. It is only up to your preference.

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