Steps Wise Process To Recover Your Deleted/Lost Gmail Contacts Details

When you have synced your contacts to Google, then you don’t need to worry a few single contact being lost. Good thing Google has taken into thought all the information loss scenarios like this one. You can log on and recover deleted contacts from Gmail. You have 3 ways to try and do it: Restore, Import, and Export contacts back. Here’s how you can restore them but what if you didn’t sync your contacts and you lost them??

Fortunately, Google Contacts has built-in versioning practicality thus you’ll be able to “roll back” your Gmail Contacts to an earlier state, restoring any lost contacts in just seconds. restoring any lost contacts in mere seconds. This happens more than you’d think, mainly because too many apps make it too easy to set your empty smartphone address book to overwrite your up-to-date Google Contacts list, rather than the other way around. Here’s check how to recover deleted gmail contacts:

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account via the web

Step 2: Click on the Gmail in the top left

Step 3: When the drop-down appears, select Contacts

Step 4: In the top level navigation, select More

Step 5: When the drop-down appears, select Restore Contacts

You’ll have the choice to roll back your entire Gmail Contacts list to any saved state that is to say, any time you altered the information in your Google Contacts within the last 30 days. In the case of a full overwrite that deleted all your Gmail Contacts roll back to the save point right before you installed the destructive smartphone app.

I Hope above mention steps to recover your deleted or lost gmail contacts will help you to resolve your problem

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