Facebook will not email you your password. If they are properly protected, they cannot do it.There are two approaches to trying: the official way, and not the official way. Even if you do not use it in a non-official way, you should know about it, because it represents a potential security threat.

If you want to recover your current password, then I have to make it clear that you will not be able to do this. It is being said that, if your browser remembers your password, it can be scary easy. I will use Firefox as my example, but most browsers have the same functionality.

Process of How to Recover Facebook Password?

1. Click the “hamburger” menu on the right side of the Firefox toolbar and then click Options or Preferences, depending on your version. Use the search box to find “password” in the resulting page, and when it appears, click on the saved login

2. This will open the window that lists all the sites where Firefox has saved your password. Click Show password.

3. The Saved passwords dialog box is updated with additional columns – actual password – visible to everyone to see. Naturally, I have blurred my password here, but in fact, it is clear as of the day. All of you believe that you have allowed your browser to save your passwords for you. If you have not saved then this technique is not worked.

Security issue: If your browser can show you your password:

1. Go ahead and feel comfortable if you were able to recover your Facebook password in this way.

2. Be very afraid, very much.

If you allow your browser to save passwords, then anybody who accesses your machine can do anything: Use this technique to find all your saved passwords. This is one of the reasons I do not recommend remembering your browser password. If you feel that you need it, make sure your machine is always safe.